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‘One Shot’ Poster & Synopsis

Martial arts star Scott Adkins (Ip Man 4, Triple Threat) is re-teaming with director James Nunn (Eliminators, Green Street 3: Never Back Down) for One Shot, an upcoming actioner that also stars Ashley Greene (The Twilight Saga) and Ryan Phillippe (Shooter).

In this intense, non-stop action-thriller, relentlessly filmed in a single continuous take, an elite squad of Navy SEALs on a covert mission to transport a prisoner off a CIA black site island prison is trapped when insurgents attack, trying to rescue the same prisoner. Led by Lieutenant Blake Harris (Adkins), the team, including Deputy Site Manager Tom Shields (Phillippe), must trust the secret intel of Junior Analyst Zoe Anderson (Greene) in order to deliver the prisoner and thwart a pending terrorist attack on Washington D.C.

One Shot is produced by Ben Jacques (Accident Man) and (Final Score). Production for the film is scheduled to begin on March 9, 2021 with an estimated release due in 2022.


Written by Nadia